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Who is allowed to compete at NCIFL Tournaments?

NCIFL welcomes any college student to fence at our events. Student-fencers must be enrolled in at least one credit class at any post-secondary institution and must show a current student ID in order to participate in any League events.

How can schools wishing to join the NCIFL gain membership?

Any post-secondary academic institution wishing to apply for membership must attend either the Fall or Spring League meetings and put their case to the Governing Council.

What are 'Novice' events and who qualifies?

Novice Tournaments are fenced “dry” (i.e., non-electrically), with line judges until the Round of 8, at which time they will be fenced using electrical equipment. Any fencer who began fencing at any establishment one calendar year or less from the date of a tournament or who has an equivalent amount of fencing experience from a prior time classifies as a 'Novice Fencer' and may compete in novice events.



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NCIFL Bylaws & Codes of Operation

This file contains the NCIFL Bylaws and Codes of Operations by which the NCIFL abides and is constituted.


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