UC Berkeley 2019 NCIFL Tournament

UC Berkeley Kicks off the League Season

NCIFL is excited to announce the very first League tournament of the season! Cal Fencing from UC Berkeley will be hosting their tournament on October 12th 2019 at the Recreation Sports Facility on the UC Campus. The tournament will feature mixed senior Epee, Foil, and Sabre events, as well as a mixed novice foil event. 

NCIFL tournaments are open to all college students who are at least enrolled in one unit at their institution and must present valid Student Identification upon check-in. 

The mixed novice foil event is designed to allow new fencers to compete in a collegiate setting in a more suitable skill bracket. Therefore those wishing to enter these events must have one year or less of cumulative fencing experience.

Preregistration as always, will be hosted on and preregistration fees will be $20 for first event and $15 for any additional events. Registration fees day of will be $25 for first event and $20 for additional events.


Contact the Organizers

UC Berkeley's Cal Fencing are the organizers of this tournament. Please direct all inquires to Cal Fencing.


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